My people and I work with agencies, big business, small business, not-for-profits, associations; and we've also managed social media for lobby campaigns, job seekers and schools. Our specialities are strategy, content marketing, and social media for events.

You may have met me at Little Tokyo Two, a local meet-up, or BTUB, the Brisbane Twitter social group (one of the most successful in Australia), for which I managed events and social media for over five years.

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Curious, whip-smart and infinitely approachable, Nicole Jensen is one of my favourite social media people. There’s something likeable about what Nicole does that others can’t match. She’s approachable without being an oversharer, she’s intelligent without being arrogant, and she’s authentic without it being a tokenism. She’s the coolest kind of geek grrl.
— Bek Lambert, Unashamedly Creative