UPLOAD is for young people considering their options - life, love, work, the whole catastrophe.

I wrote back in January about my experiences at the UPLOAD Young Entrepreneurs Camp at the Glasshouse Mountains Eco-Lodge. It was a fantastic week in many, many ways and I would like to extend my knowledge of this priceless event to you. And I'm quoting most of this blog entry because I could never explain UPLOAD even half as well as Edgeware have:

With UPLOAD, Edgeware offers stimulating, accessible, enjoyable explorations of enterprise development and entrepreneurial skills, delivered through a series of interactive, hands-on workshops with expert trainers and young, real-world entrepreneurs. UPLOAD is all about helping young people equip themselves to navigate turbulent times and to create meaningful, sustainable and responsible employment and life pathways.

Now, Edgeware have just released their 2009 young entrepreneurs program, which I am very excited about. I'm very happy they have also added in the teachers and youth workers workshop too!

The UPLOAD Young Entrepreneurs Camp (for Over-18's)

An intensive residential week at the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains Eco-Lodge. Delivered in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE, with a focus on building and growing fledgeling enterprises.

The UPLOAD Young Entrepreneurs Camp (for Under-18's)

An intensive non-residential week in central Brisbane, taking place during school holidays, with a strong focus on personal development, teamwork and leadership.

UPLOAD Professional Development Workshops (For Teachers and Youth Workers)

Offered in half-day, full-day and three-day versions, focused on developing and practicing leadership and facilitation skills in the Edgeware model of youth enterprise development.

Futher information on these upcoming events and some charming photography from the January UPLOAD are available here.

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