A few years ago in high school I raised funds for the Make Poverty History campaign. It really made me realize how much of a terrible issue poverty is in the world. So I did the teenage thing and invoked my parents to support my hope to sponsor a child. And so they did. I've been sponsoring and writing to a darling little girl named Desta and her community in Ethiopia. It's been great. She turns 10 years old in January so I'm sending a birthday card by the end of this week. My mother has most of the letters at her home and it's been good to learn about life in Ethiopia for Desta.

Which brings me up until today. My family has decided that they cannot support Desta anymore. I would love to continue the relationship as long as required with what money I have, but having no job or income this is not looking likely.

What I am considering is a community project. I'd love to find a few kind local people to chip in on the sponsorship. How this can be done, I'm not sure. Any businesses or organisations looking after children in the world, how do you do it?

If anyone in Brisbane is interested in assisting me, leave a comment or give me a bell through the Contact page. I'd like to hear your suggestions even if you have an idea on what I can do.