Building Resilience is a not-for-profit association, set up to empower individuals who suffer from depression or low moods to seek assistance through conventional, natural and creative therapies. More than one in five Aussies are facing this every day, so it's a very important issue that can be worked on in safe, comfortable surroundings.

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The programme, starting in Brisbane on July 27th, encompasses both educational and active aspects to support and treat anyone in their journey fighting depression.

Program creator Nadine Zrinzo has been battling depression for the past 15 years.

“What I learnt is that everyone’s experience with depression is different and that a one size fits all approach will not always work. We all need to manage the complexities of our lives, families, jobs and other priorities, making it sometimes necessary to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to managing depression.”

I agree! And the programme reflects this pretty well. Some of the topics covered are conventional such as psychology, exercise, nutrition and medication; others are natural such as acupuncture and naturopathy; whilst some are creative (yay!) such as art therapy. The topics covered for the course starting on the 24th August are available at the website. My favourite angle they examine is self-care, something I struggle with a lot.

There are just twelve participants in each work group, so there is a relaxed atmosphere. They even let you bring a loved one for support. Sometimes the people around us need a hand too, and it can help them understand what really helps us get by.

“We are endeavouring set up a program that helps participants to gain clarity about their path to happiness, through the assistance of a variety of trained practitioners.”


When: Tuesday 24 August - Tuesday 6 October When: 6pm - 8pm Where: The Exchange, Shop 1, 42 Blamey Street, Kelvin Grove, QLD

Building Resilience is celebrating their first round on August 24th, with an introductory 50% rate. Check it out, or pass onto anyone you think would benefit.

If you or someone you care about is in crisis and requires immediate assistance please contact one of the services below:

Ambulance Services – call 000 Lifeline 13 11 14 Kids Help Line 1800 55 1800 SANE 1800 18 7263