Outside the usual format of my blog post, I recorded the speakers and various notes I had on each from the brilliant day that was TEDxSouthBank 2014, as below.

For your enjoyment and future reference, enjoy!

nikki and paige tedxsouthbank

Digi Youth Arts performers

  • Wow, what an opener! Quite emotional, actually.

Shane Currey

  • What IF?
  • Creativity helps define the future
  • Celebrate the creative you
  • Get analogue! Draw, scribble, paint, write, and more. Anything!
  • Practice: close your eyes and draw a self portrait. Marvel at your creation

Dr Bella Ellwood-Clayton

  • Sexuality is an individual choice, but extremely influenced by social and cultural factors

Liam Casey

  • Vulnerability is the birthplace of all emotion
  • Creator, Challenger, Coach. NOT Villain, Victim, Rescuer

James Dale

  • Super bananas!
  • I also drew a pair of banana jeans

Vulcana Women’s Circus

  • I've heard so many of these examples of sexism
  • There's so many inspiring women who have lived, and still do live, before me

One Minute Presentations

  • Upgrade from small talk
  • You’re not alone
  • Odd socks rock
  • Rollercoasters are amazing
  • Suicide is everyone’s problem

Michael Douglas

  • Is the information inadequate, irrelevant or excessive?
  • Note to self: grab a coffee with this guy

Ben Stokes

  • Small changes = habit

Andy Gourley

  • Think big and spread it!
  • What CAN I DO?

Katei Chang

  • DAMN, rock violin is awesome!

Jane Caro

  • Ageing rocks
  • Be yourself
  • Stop female gaze
  • Just... YES!

Michael Hollewand

  • What’s your simple, big vision?
  • Is it safe for people to discuss their fears?
  • Fear creates priorities and methods
  • Focus on the NEXT milestone in the plan
  • Build capabilities that close the gap
  • Attend to opportunities as well as risks
  • Work together and break down silos (top-down only communication)

Steve Huff

  • I’m not dead yet!
  • Can we do better?

Robert Hoge

  • Own your face
  • Choose YOUR beauty

Robbie Miller

  • Be present

Juanita Wheeler

  • Think again when it comes to donating to charities
  • Sometimes you really do have to use the word ‘BULLSHIT.’

Yassmin Abel-Magied

  • #datbias
  • Use mentors
  • Mentor someone completely different
  • Everyone has something they can share with others, and also something they can learn from others

Antonio Chevez

  • There is science in mythology

Tenda McFly

  • WOW
  • Dude's got some serious chops
  • Get those lyrics!

It was a HUGE day. Thank you to all the speakers, event sponsors, State Library of QLD, the TEDxSouthBank team and my fellow attendees.