ditto brand manager

If you've ever been frustrated with the lack of relevant results Google Alerts or Mention throws back at your monitoring search, exhale calmly now. There's a new visual listening tool which might just help fill the gap. 

Ditto helps you find mentions of a brand within the pixels of Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr images. Finally! They even provide a percentage of results which couldn't have otherwise been retrieved by a common text search.

What else can it do?

  • Comparisons against other brands
  • Results within a chosen time frame, continent or social media platform
  • Profile photos of users sharing these images
  • Analytics of results found over time 
  • Affinities - other brands most often found in your results
  • Most influential Twitter users tweeting about you
  • Word cloud (including hashtags)
  • Global heat map showing the most active countries

Outside the demo, Ditto is invite-only, but so far I can see this being a handy tool which many non-enterprise level analytics programs can't yet match.

I'll be first in line to check it out!

Kudos to Jakkii Musgrave for the find.