Who's helping you get shit done?

Who's helping you get shit done?

Anyone out there NOT suffering from work overload?

The biggest lessons I've learned lately even in my own business is to A) ask for help, and B) delegate the hard stuff. Whether it's sales, marketing, finance or compliance, all businesses have their strong and weak points, and you're really not meant to be great at everything. This is where consultants, agencies, and other specialists come in, such as yours truly.

Recently a panicked owner of a boutique art gallery on the south of Brisbane got in touch with me about their social media accounts, namely Facebook. They had a lot of important administration issues which needed fixing in the background, from managing the account, communicating with other pages, understanding how content shows in different places, and more.

What happened after an hour's consultation? We increased their Facebook page reach by 160%, engagement by 15% and page likes by a whopping 700%! The numbers said it all. Getting the right advice for you WORKS.

If you're looking for a quick social media audit, here are a few questions to consider.

Here's When You Might Seek Help

1. Something is broken. Like, really broken. If you can't find the help article for your issue, it's time to reach out to a professional. End of story.

2. You don't know who's running things. This is where the reputational risk to your business is higher than having a few small technical issues. If a previous employee or consultant has the main admin rights to your social media accounts, this can spell trouble, as not only is there a chance that you've completely lost access, but this person might also (knowingly or otherwise) post incorrect info on your behalf. 

3. You've got a major launch coming up (and people to impress). If your small business or product is preparing for launch, you should start on social media plans within 3 months, preferably 6 if possible. For medium-sized outfits and larger, 12 months out from launch is an appropriate timeframe to layout what social you need. Remember that social media should be a part of your overall marketing plan, so don't leave it until after you've arranged more traditional forms of marketing - work it alongside. You'll also increase the value for your stakeholders rather than leaving their needs until the last minute.

Now get back to what you do best!