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BAM! A Branding and Media Workshop

If you've been curious to see what working with yours truly might be like, it's your lucky day!

On November 18, I'm presenting at a four-hour workshop on branding, social media and video. Along with the lads from Rebel Media and Rise Creative Media, I'll go through a stack of social media tasks and practices. My aim for the day (just like every day) is to help attendees to review their current profiles and embark on a new, positive creative way of marketing themselves.

It's an extremely good price for such a small event too - we're only accepting up to 10 people and you'll have my undivided attention even after the event. You will have the option of taking up a free one hour consultation with myself, at a time that best suits you. I'm looking forward to that part very much!

Are you in? I'm working on my presentation now, so speak up if you've something specific you'd like to know about.

Splendour, Shotgun Polly and the Big Uke Jam

Guess who has two thumbs and too much awesome going on?


I'm going to Splendour! Woohoo! You'd think that as an event manager I'd have paid to attend a music festival before turning 23, but there you go! In return for the fortunate timing of birthdays in July and smashing results at uni so far this semester, my family have shouted me admission to the most kick-arse line up I've ever seen at my favourite venue.

I believe that my band, Shotgun Polly, has its first gig in a month or so. Despite discussing here, I actually do want to keep it on the down-low in fear of royally cocking up on stage in front of my peers. I probably won't tell you when it is, even if it's before I return to Facebook and Twitter for more sly promoting, unless I don't fear your opinion should I screw up. It's a gig for fun in my books anyway, and is one's first gig since the good ol' college talent show days at International House, so I'm not too worried (#denial?).

The first Brisbane Ukulele Festival is still in the works, yet the major, four-day event will now take place next year. Exciting stuff will still be happening this year in September, so keep your eyes peeled around West End and South Bank for that, and get in contact if you'd like to showcase, sponsor or be involved in other ways.

Also, I'm colouring my hair blue again (for real!) in a week or so once the dye is delivered. Have missed it so much since 2008.

That's all! I had better get back to this psych essay now and stop using my website as LiveJournal circa 2006. Cheerio.

Fireball 2009

On Friday I spent my day volunteering for Fireball 2009 with New Fangled Functions at City Hall. It was a pretty good day, setting 400 places for attendees of the charity ball raising funds for adult burns research and development. I did take a photo of the gorgeous table settings before I left, but it didn't save to my iPhone, alas. I was unable to make the event itself, but from what I've heard it was a great success. Well done, Kellie, Michael and the team at New Fangled Functions. (And happy birthday, Michael!)

b105 Tweet-Up Fail, BTUB Confused

Local radio station b105 has organised for a party at the newly-rebuilt Victory Hotel for Brisbane Twitter users who register with them. This would be all fine and dandy if they had done a bit of research first. I have been an active Brisbane Twitter Underground Brigade (BTUB) member since around August of last year. We have held at least monthly or fortnightly meet-ups in Brisbane under the intention of being purely a social group. There are hundreds of BTUB members and we regularly hold events for up to around 50 to 70 people at various venues around Brisbane, most notably The Ship Inn.

Not only has b105 refused to do any homework on the existing  lively and loyal Twitter locals, they also have tomorrow's Vic tweet-up on the exact same night as BTUB's Kevin Rudd's Stimulating Package party, as arranged by myself and a friend, Michael Meloni, pretty much weeks ago after the previous BTUB was another success.

I write about Twitter quite often because I am not afraid to admit the wonders it has done for creating and connecting communities. Friends, business associates, families and more have connected 140 characters at a time since Twitter launched, and the 2009 explosion of interest in the online network has meant vast corporate activity, much to the mixed response of Twitter users.

Now whether or not b105 did not know how to search Twitter, Google "Brisbane Twitter" or even read some of their followers who are active BTUBbers, they have committed a rather obvious event management mistake; jumping into the bucket with competitors. Not holding your event on the same date as immediate competition is something they do not even bother to teach you in basic event management school because it is so damn obvious!

Secondly, not approaching anyone from BTUB for a bit of research was also silly. Trying to appear to their fan base as the thought leaders of a Brisbane tweet-up is extremely foolish. Surely there is no bureaucracy in BTUB, only more active members, and no clear forefront member to question, however this is no excuse for basic research on your target market. Numerous BTUBbers have contacted b105 in order to educate the radio station on the current local Twitter community, but I would like to know if anyone has heard any replies of yet.

I look forward to seeing how tomorrow night pans out.