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YouTube Comments: Now With More Google+

YouTube Comments: Now With More Google+

YouTube's Help channel shared this video to give a simple overview of their new comments system connected to Google+.

The big overhaul is that comments are sorted by people you know, popular conversations and better conversations. You can also privatise comments so only you and your Google+ friends can see them, otherwise they show up to everyone on YouTube much like the old system.

For instance, as I shared this video on my Google+ profile earlier, my comment (mentioning more of the new features) has shown up under the video along with the source and any replies.  

new YouTube comments - comment.png

As you can see from the likes/dislikes on the video, a great deal more users don't seem to like the feature than those of us who do! Comments on the video are also the usual expressive variety (with many also working out that hashtags are a feature in YouTube comments), but I'll leave you to look at those yourself.

So what do you think? Is this an improvement to YouTube and an incentive to be more active on Google+? Or is it as many are commenting to be a terrible idea? 

19 Die at Love Parade, Germany. Festival Ends.

BERLIN — Crowds of people streaming into a techno music festival surged through an already jammed entry tunnel on Saturday, setting off a panic that killed 19 people and injured 342 at an event meant to celebrate love and peace.

SBS World News Australia claims the reason behind the Love Parade disaster is police closing the parade grounds due to overcrowding, and instructing punters in the tunnel to turn around.

Authorities also suggested that some of the people killed or injured might have attempted to flee the crowd by jumping over a barrier and falling several metres. Witnesses described a desperate scene, as people piled up on each other or scrambled over others who had fallen in the crush.

So why? How could this happen? That tunnel was the sole entrance to the grounds. The Love Parade is one that hosts 1.4 million people and the venue could only hold 500,000. There's yer problem!

This was my first thought. If an event is a repeat or regular one, you would believe adequate health and safety measures and procedures to be in place. With 1.4 million people reportedly through the gates and a claim of being the largest techno music festival in the world, the Love Parade should have had access points to the grounds to reflect this.

My second thought went to overcrowding (hence police refusing entry to over 300 people in the tunnel) and control of this. Why didn't they have this covered? An eye-witness account reports (translated by Google from German to English):

Although many security controls were in place that would monitor compliance with the "Love Rules", but the way to the controls was extremely narrow, began pushing the first and it lasted for only a few metres close to 90 minutes.

On the right side even more dramatic scenes. There was a small emergency stairs, each of which could escape from one person upwards. Here, too, now appeared more and more police officers... In those seeking help were people who had already lost consciousness. It was a bad experience of having to watch the rescue operation with, for now all we feared that we might be the next crushed.

Next to me I suddenly saw a policeman with a young man forced his way to the stairs. "Can't you go or should I pay them?" Actually, the man gave me an even better shape right impression, then I saw his hand he held up convulsively. I had not looked closely, but his fingertips were covered with blood. Maybe he was overthrown in the crowd and accidentally had a lot of shoes shredded his hand.

They also mention that last year's Love Parade closed due to overcrowding. Why, then, hasn't something been done about it? If it is known that the venue is maxed out at 500,000, why are 1.4 million people permitted to attend, even when they expected 800,000?

The founder of the Love Parade, Matthias Roeingh, known as Dr. Motte, blasted the planning for the event, saying "one single entrance through a tunnel lends itself to disaster. I am very sad."

Me too, Dr. Motte. And it sounds like current management isn't too keen to run again after this catastrophe.

Love Parade reported close

(Sources:, SBS World News Australia, @BreakingNews, images here on Flickr,  BBC News)

Baby Loves Disco opens in Sydney

National News |

So I'm not really sure what I am to think of this other than "what a rad idea! But it would never work in reality." I guess there are just some out-there ideas you'll never know will take off until you dive in.

This isn't children growing up too fast; at least not as much as adult-captioned t-shirts or heels for toddlers. Children have parties and dance too, you know. The temporary tattoos are fine too; I remember having one of my first when I was five or six. And I'm still into roses, but I've not a real tattoo or joined a biker gang.

Entry prices include healthy snacks for children, a "chill-out" play area, bathrooms kitted out with nappy change tables and a goodie bag and glass of champagne for parents.

Sounds safe and healthy to me and I hope that chill-out area has Pass The Parcel or a ball pit. Or even a corner of teddy bears! And the champagne for the parents is a great addition; if I were the mother of unpredictable young children, I'd take every chance I could for a glass of champagne while knowing my kids were safe.

While I'm positive a children's event would be the second-last* event I'd like to hold, I don't think this club is the worst thing adult society has thrown at children in recent times. If anything, I'm sure the kids are having a blast.

*weddings just aren't my thing.

Hi-Fi Brisbane Unprofessional Complaint Management

Patron concerns regarding safety and security have been labeled "inaccurate" and "irrelevant" by Brisbane live music venue The Hi-Fi. Retweeted at least five times was the link which exposed the relatively new venue in Brisbane as one which does not take seriously the views of its patrons, let alone one which responds to such matters in a responsible and attentive manner.

Long-time live music scene patron Kathleen was so appalled by standards of health and safety at The Hi-Fi that she took to writing to them. She commented on unnecessary queues in cold weather, broken glass, ill-placed bathrooms in the venue, poor band management and more importantly, extremely poor security.

I saw people waiting outside in a queue for 20 minutes and they had tickets. The queue wasn’t even that long, they were just being made to wait. The first band were already playing. The door staff would let people in in a trickle, or not let people in at all.

It's winter. Queing for a show already paid for which is already starting... not a great start to the night, no.

I queued and got inside and headed for the toilets, which were to my dismay, up a flight of stairs down a deserted corridor. I don’t mind that the toilets are up a flight of stairs, but they are well away from the main room and I believe this puts your patrons at risk of assault or rape. I think you urgently need to address this by having security patrol upstairs regularly.

Issues are getting serious now; when your patrons believe that they are not safe in your venue, you are doing something wrong. Very wrong.

I was shocked that you were serving drinks in glass, especially with the recent “spate” of glassings. I was standing in the middle of the steps on the dancefloor for both sets and by the time the Dreamkillers had finished playing, there was broken glass all over the floor. The broken glass on the floor only increased while The Fireballs played. I saw punters deliberately throwing glasses on to the floor and into the crowd. I was truly horrified.

I saw the crowd break up fights and scuffles but security never intervened. Security was also nowhere to be found when punters were smashing and throwing glass. Security were nowhere to be found when a young man had a fit on the dance floor, I saw his mates carry him out. I noted one security guard on the barrier but he stayed in the one spot the entire time and didn’t move or interact with the crowd.

Like I said before; very, very wrong. And my favourite summary sentence from Kathleen:

I have never been to a venue with such weak and obviously incompetent and overwhelmed security.

This was the abysmal reply which Kathleen received from Scott Ahpee, a month later and after a second e-mail:

As the General Manager of Operations, I read through your email immediately on receipt, and clarified all matters with our venue staff.  Replying to your email was (until today) on my ‘to-do’ list, but a detailed response on every matter would require time I’ve yet to have spare.  However, since you clearly require a response immediately, I write this now.  On discussion with venue staff, management, security and production crew, as well as discussions with the tour manager of the Fireballs, I found most of your complaints to be inaccurate, and others to be irrelevant.  If you do not wish to return to the Hi-Fi, that is your choice.

Time yet to spare? Perhaps Mr Ahpee should be allocating time to deal with public complaints about his venue before a significant amount of patronage is lost? Your venue has been complained about in the retrospect of health and safety concerns, which I deem to be quite damn important. There are reports of glassings and injury as a result of lack of security and you claim them to be "inacurate"? Also, if he had so little time to write an e-mail, I question if Mr Ahpee even had such discussions with the above mentioned parties. Might want to check that 'to-do' list again.

Meanwhile, the Hi-Fi bar is looking to utilise my favourite social media network, Twitter. How on earth will they be able to manage a constant stream of customer comments of 140 characters if they take a month or so to reply [even if indecently] to a formal complaint?