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Oh, she's back!

It's been almost two years since my last post. The site is finally 95% updated again, and I'm happy enough with it to update the blog. How have you all been? This is what I've been up to in that time:

  • graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Business (Events Management)
  • moved house twice
  • had a break or two from managing BTUB, organising a venue change between these
  • met many new friends and project buddies
  • started to knit more and took up a brief amount of Italian language before settling on Russian
  • got a job in cybersafety and digital reputation management through my Nikaffeine Network project
  • reviewed events as a Community Ambassador for The Fetch and became a member of the Yelp Elite (which is so far pretty amazing.)
  • got my driving licence
  • had a bunch of business ideas
  • decided to aim for an MBA in the next few years, and
  • started to work more on launching my consultancy business in some sort of official capacity.

I've also got a stack of blog drafts in the works, so there's going to be a fair bit of new content here soon. Look forward to that, but alas, the bulk of it won't relate to events management, as my earlier blog posts have explored (sorry, #eventprofs!). Social media, digital marketing and online reputation will be my main topics, as well as reflections on other topics.

Stay tuned.