There’s this idea that more likes = better.

Sure, it may seem like a great temporary fix. But like your youth, it doesn’t last forever. Eventually, you’ll notice the likes dropping off like flies as fake accounts more on or are deleted. Very uninterested or dead flies.


Firstly, I will never work with you while you're buying likes. Let's talk social advertising if you've got a budget to burn on increasing your audience; just keep the numbers real so that I can work my magic.

Secondly and more importantly, it isn’t honest, helpful or effective. You’re only fooling yourself!

We may (or may not) have had imaginary friends as a child but unfortunately, in the real world, no one else sees them - the same applies for buying likes. Social media networks are constantly evolving in how they tackle spam, so next week you might not have half the numbers you do as they remove fake accounts. You can’t get real engagement from a line of code, and certainly not meaningful engagement that will convert into product sales or bums on seats. Remember who you want to reach, and ask: will they still love you tomorrow?

Another point: buying likes don’t guarantee that more people will discover your business. You don’t line up at a club because there are lots of people outside (urgh, did that guy just spit on my shoe?), you line up because hype is up, your mates are talking about it and you suspect it'll be worth the queue. Just because a brand has 5000 likes instead of 100 likes isn’t the deciding factor for me. It’s because people have said good things about it which impacts my decision, among the usual suspects which encourage brand loyalty: culture, values, quality.

Solution: you’re better off putting more effort into building up your community with good quality content and engaging your target audience. Really make sure the likes you have are truly interested in what you have to say. Plan out your content well ahead of schedule, use effective graphic design and copywriting to get your message across, and amplify content by advertising to already interested users.

That process is where we come in – so get in touch if you want to make real, non-imaginary friends online!