75% talk show, 10% fancy high society culture, and all around a crazy mix of all things tech and digital and social media, this is The Social Tea Show!

Co-created and co-hosted by graphic designer Sheree Dillon, PR professional Marcela Ramirez and social media nut yours truly, it features different news, guests and teas each month - all around the topic of people, technology and how the two influence each other.

We've been planning and practicing our video chops for a month or so now, and we're looking forward to doing a lot more in 2016. For now, we have a pilot episode:

Hello! Welcome to our first show. On the menu today: - Sheree shows us a lovely tisane tea - Nicole talks about the latest Bitcoin creator investigations - Marcela examines what IBM's #HackaHairDryer promotion means for engaging women in STEM industries - Sheree interviews our social media expert Nicole Jensen - Marcela explains how to market to busy families in the lead up to Christmas.

The thing I love most about pilot episodes is that they're allowed to be rough as they are, as long as you get something out there. That's my outlook on them anyway.

Work in tech, design, marketing, startups, engineering, psychology or whatever and want to be a guest? Get in touch!