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Woodford Folk Festival and the myFestivals App

In August I went to a fantastic conference for festival organisers by Folk Alliance Australia, called Ausfolk. Unfortunately I got busy with uni and didn't write about it, which is a major mistake on my part, but it was the best damned conference I've ever attended. (I do have notes from it, so I should do that soon, because it's better than never.)

At this event I met many awesome people in the industry I am working towards, and the very first person I met, at the train station, was Pedro Plowman. He drove the transfers van, you see.

Anyway, even before we get into the van for Woodfordia, he tells me about this app he's working on for festivals. "Awesome!" I'm thinking, "mobile technology and events! The best!" He says he wants to have it ready in time for Woodford.

Months down the track and he requests my details so I can test the program for him. I've had the app on my iPhone for a few days and I love the capabilities. All artists, shows, ceremonies, discussions, workshops, etc that are on at this year's Woodford Folk Festival are categorised, listed and described in the app. All you need to do is check off the shows or programs you don't want to miss and your schedule is made for you! Brilliant!

There's also a festival grounds map and vital contact numbers (poisons line, taxis, admin, security, RACQ) in case of emergency at the festival.

myFestivals App just came into the Apple Store last night, and I'm proud to say that I can't wait to use it at Woodford Folk Festival (while I'm volunteering as a venue manager! Yay!)  in a few days.

You can nab it from the Apple store for free here.