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Canadian Christmas Party Shooting

In Vancouver, Canada, a worker just fired from his job attended the company's Christmas party and fired his former boss. With four gunshots and in front of a dozen or so witnesses.

Eric Allen Kirkpatrick, 61, has been charged with first-degree murder after the crime on Friday. Kirkpatrick was sacked the day before the party by Benjamin David Banky, 40, chief executive of health products company TallGrass Distribution Ltd.

"The shock was tremendous but all the other people in the business - and there another dozen other people who were there for a Christmas party - managed to get out safely," Vancouver police constable Tim Fanning said. 

It took two hours for Mr Kirkpatrick to give into police after the shooting, then party guests were taken to police headquarters by bus.

I give my kudos to TallGrass Distribution's management of the crisis and the calm they maintained in the aftermath. It is good that minimal suffering occured to attendees; however, tragic regarding the loss of their workplace leader.