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My World Vision Child

A few years ago in high school I raised funds for the Make Poverty History campaign. It really made me realize how much of a terrible issue poverty is in the world. So I did the teenage thing and invoked my parents to support my hope to sponsor a child. And so they did. I've been sponsoring and writing to a darling little girl named Desta and her community in Ethiopia. It's been great. She turns 10 years old in January so I'm sending a birthday card by the end of this week. My mother has most of the letters at her home and it's been good to learn about life in Ethiopia for Desta.

Which brings me up until today. My family has decided that they cannot support Desta anymore. I would love to continue the relationship as long as required with what money I have, but having no job or income this is not looking likely.

What I am considering is a community project. I'd love to find a few kind local people to chip in on the sponsorship. How this can be done, I'm not sure. Any businesses or organisations looking after children in the world, how do you do it?

If anyone in Brisbane is interested in assisting me, leave a comment or give me a bell through the Contact page. I'd like to hear your suggestions even if you have an idea on what I can do.

Creative Drinks, Networx, ANZ, Brisbane Twestival

Hello, readers! How is everyone today? Just a general update of the awesome things I've been up to lately. Last week I was lucky enough to score a free ticket to Creative Drinks. My dear friend Hannah Suarez of Brisbane Creative Industries was the speaker of the evening and did very well. Her presentation is on SlideShare here and includes some helpful networking event tips.

Tuesday I was also in attendance at my favourite Brisbane events company Iceberg Events' Networx, Working the (Real & Virtual) Room. Director of Paragon Associates, Lisa Butler kick-started the evening with information on busting networking myths and emphasised that anyone can learn to network effectively. More friends of mine were speaking on the topic of working the virtual room (specifically Twitter) - in fact, the whole panel trio of Darryl King, Clare Lancaster and Greg Lexiphanic! Ignoring the occasional train screaming through South Brisbane, discussions of Twitter and social media run amok against a background of a Twitter projection of the #networx hashtag.

Yesterday I attended ANZ's Small Business workshops discussing online marketing (specifically Google's AdWords and social media) and brand awareness. The day was a good one and I met various new people interested in learning more about their businesses online. I was even outed as a secret live-twitter bug, which was a great example to those wanting to understand the scope social media can have. There are more ANZ Small Business workshops happening all around Australia until around November, so get in quick to enrol (they're free too)!

Lastly, things are rolling faster and faster for Brisbane Twestival Local. Committee positions are being snapped up fast, bands and artists approached, venues scoped. We are hoping to gather the support of the voted-in beyondblue: the national depression initiative as our charity of choice to support, a charity I have long been a fan of.

Phew! I think that's about it. Oh! And the BTUB Wine Night was a complete success as well. My first paid event as a freelancer. Feels good, man.

Looking for full-time employment has unfortunately taken a back seat to these activities. It's a shame I'm having so much fun... well, no. Not really.

Fireball 2009

On Friday I spent my day volunteering for Fireball 2009 with New Fangled Functions at City Hall. It was a pretty good day, setting 400 places for attendees of the charity ball raising funds for adult burns research and development. I did take a photo of the gorgeous table settings before I left, but it didn't save to my iPhone, alas. I was unable to make the event itself, but from what I've heard it was a great success. Well done, Kellie, Michael and the team at New Fangled Functions. (And happy birthday, Michael!)

Brisbane Twestival

twestival-logo2A few of you will recall an event I co-managed in February called Twestival at Brisbane's Metro Arts. Well, it's on again and I've been handed the reins! Saturday, September 12th is Twestival Local. It's the same deal, but we choose our own charity to support instead of a global charity being chosen for all events around the world. I quite like this idea as it creates a close-knit sense of responsibility for Brisbane and Queensland. The links on the Brisbane branch which I give are:

We are seeking one lucky charity, a kick-arse venue, charming sponsors, wicked bands, entertainment, artists, stalls, web masters, event gurus, stage managers, admin and general awesomeness for this event. Please e-mail me at if you would like to give a hand or offer up some contacts for us.

Lastly, I came across this useful article on how to secure a sponsor for an event. It's pretty cool.

Community Human Rights Consultation, Brisbane

In Brisbane, next Monday is going to be different. Next Monday you can help protect the human rights of all Australians, present and future, by standing up for a Human Rights Act for Australia. Kids in detention, workers stripped of their rights, Indigenous Australians without housing and healthcare - together we've fought time and time again for human rights. Now the Government is embarking on a national human rights consultation - the chance of a lifetime to protect our rights with law.

Next week, they're rolling into Brisbane. Just 2 hours of your time will help create real change in people's lives - for all those in aged care, those with disabilities, and those who experience discrimination or bureaucratic bungling. Can you attend the Government's human rights consultation?

What: Community Human Rights Consultation When: Monday 23 March, 12pm-2pm or 6pm-8pm Where: Brisbane Conference and Exhibition Centre, Cnr of Merivale & Glenelg St., South Bank

Click here to register.

We know you're busy, but plenty of people in government would rather avoid scrutiny over human rights issues - and they're hoping nobody shows up to the community consultations. Can the citizens of the Brisbane area prove them wrong by turning out in great numbers to have their say? Make sure you bring all your friends - even those who've never thought about human rights protection before.

You don't need any special knowledge before you go along. These meetings are designed so that ordinary Australians can learn a bit about the issues and have their say. Together with dozens of fellow GetUp members attending, you can make a huge difference.

Click here to be a part of the once in a lifetime chance for Brisbane to have its say.

Thanks for being part of the solution.

- The GetUp team