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Baby Loves Disco opens in Sydney

National News |

So I'm not really sure what I am to think of this other than "what a rad idea! But it would never work in reality." I guess there are just some out-there ideas you'll never know will take off until you dive in.

This isn't children growing up too fast; at least not as much as adult-captioned t-shirts or heels for toddlers. Children have parties and dance too, you know. The temporary tattoos are fine too; I remember having one of my first when I was five or six. And I'm still into roses, but I've not a real tattoo or joined a biker gang.

Entry prices include healthy snacks for children, a "chill-out" play area, bathrooms kitted out with nappy change tables and a goodie bag and glass of champagne for parents.

Sounds safe and healthy to me and I hope that chill-out area has Pass The Parcel or a ball pit. Or even a corner of teddy bears! And the champagne for the parents is a great addition; if I were the mother of unpredictable young children, I'd take every chance I could for a glass of champagne while knowing my kids were safe.

While I'm positive a children's event would be the second-last* event I'd like to hold, I don't think this club is the worst thing adult society has thrown at children in recent times. If anything, I'm sure the kids are having a blast.

*weddings just aren't my thing.