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Edgeware's Do Well Conference

Over the weekend I attended my second Edgeware event. It was definitely a winner and I must firstly thank Sarah Moran for sponsoring my ticket to the conference. Unfortunately though, I was off to a bad start due to a clash with Friday evening traffic heading to Suncorp Stadium for the Broncos vs Cowboys rugby league game. Despite leaving home half an hour early I was forty-five minutes late when I stepped off the bus from the city! Cutting a long story short, I became so fearful of the time I was spending not yet at the venue among drunken football fans in the street I chose to take the safe route home again, thus missing out on the initial networking session and Map Magazine's Carl Lindgren.

The next morning I was welcomed warmly by the darling Nat Duncan, Edgeware director Michael Doneman and various Brisbane Twitter friends. I filled out a brief profile on myself and stuck it to the physical network of string and people on the wall of Substation 4 and immediately felt connected; even before meeting the majority of conference attendees! Later I was to learn this was part of reknowned Brisbane photographer Mark Lobo's Six Degrees project. Can't wait to see the outcomes!

Saturday's speakers were:

Sunday composed of:

The weekend was very well-planned, very appropriate for the broad range of attendees and made excellent use of Edgeware's kick-arse motto of Make money, have fun, change the world. I was inspired, validated and motivated (even to the point that I wanted to leave abruptly in order to act upon plans!). It was a very comfortable environment, which is sometimes difficult to achieve at conferences. Not that Edgeware has ever had such a problem at all!

To finish up, I acknowledge the lovely Ludmilla Doneman and her volunteers for the fantastic catering, and I'd like to share a collection of my favourite quotes from the weekend. Such gems!

  • "Are you in it for the idea or are you in it for business?" - Samantha Jockel
  • "Be honest with what you don't know. Start with what you do know." - Leesa Watego
  • "Only when you love good coffee can you make good coffee." - London advertising slogan, via Paul Natorp's presentation
  • "Don't ask for help; ask for advice." - Amanda Jackes
  • "Know who you are so that you know what you need." - Samantha Jockel
  • "If you don't fit your imagined entrepreneur then you must re-imagine what you want your lived entrepreneur to be." - Leesa Watego
  • "Sometimes it's easier to seek forgiveness later on than it is to seek permission." - Amanda Jackes
  • "Whatever criticism you receive, turn it into a greater asset." - Paul Natorp