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BAM! A Branding and Media Workshop

If you've been curious to see what working with yours truly might be like, it's your lucky day!

On November 18, I'm presenting at a four-hour workshop on branding, social media and video. Along with the lads from Rebel Media and Rise Creative Media, I'll go through a stack of social media tasks and practices. My aim for the day (just like every day) is to help attendees to review their current profiles and embark on a new, positive creative way of marketing themselves.

It's an extremely good price for such a small event too - we're only accepting up to 10 people and you'll have my undivided attention even after the event. You will have the option of taking up a free one hour consultation with myself, at a time that best suits you. I'm looking forward to that part very much!

Are you in? I'm working on my presentation now, so speak up if you've something specific you'd like to know about.

Building Resilience Against Depression: Round 2

They're back! The next Building Resilience programme runs as an all-inclusive one day event on 5th February and all the information is available at the website.

Building Resilience is a not-for-profit association, set up to empower individuals who suffer from depression or low moods to seek assistance through conventional, natural and creative therapies. More than one in five Aussies are facing this every day, so it's a very important issue that can be worked on in safe, comfortable surroundings.

Building Resilience Logo

I wrote about their maiden, August programme back in July.

Some of the topics covered are conventional such as psychology, exercise, nutrition and medication; others are natural such as acupuncture and naturopathy; whilst some are creative (yay!) such as art therapy.

“We are endeavouring set up a program that helps participants to gain clarity about their path to happiness, through the assistance of a variety of trained practitioners.”


When: Saturday, 5th February, 2011 When: 9am - 4:30pm Where: The Exchange, Shop 1, 42 Blamey Street, Kelvin Grove, QLD Pricing: $70 or $40 concession. The cost to attend is based on your current financial means and is self-selecting. For example, if you are employed full time, choosing the full price would be appropriate. If you are not currently employed, then choose the concession price. Relaxing, huh?

You should totally check it out. I think I might even sign up for this one, so I hope to see you there!

By the way, if you or someone you care about is in crisis and requires immediate assistance please contact one of the services below:

Ambulance Services – call 000 Lifeline 13 11 14 Kids Help Line 1800 55 1800 SANE 1800 18 7263

19 Die at Love Parade, Germany. Festival Ends.

BERLIN — Crowds of people streaming into a techno music festival surged through an already jammed entry tunnel on Saturday, setting off a panic that killed 19 people and injured 342 at an event meant to celebrate love and peace.

SBS World News Australia claims the reason behind the Love Parade disaster is police closing the parade grounds due to overcrowding, and instructing punters in the tunnel to turn around.

Authorities also suggested that some of the people killed or injured might have attempted to flee the crowd by jumping over a barrier and falling several metres. Witnesses described a desperate scene, as people piled up on each other or scrambled over others who had fallen in the crush.

So why? How could this happen? That tunnel was the sole entrance to the grounds. The Love Parade is one that hosts 1.4 million people and the venue could only hold 500,000. There's yer problem!

This was my first thought. If an event is a repeat or regular one, you would believe adequate health and safety measures and procedures to be in place. With 1.4 million people reportedly through the gates and a claim of being the largest techno music festival in the world, the Love Parade should have had access points to the grounds to reflect this.

My second thought went to overcrowding (hence police refusing entry to over 300 people in the tunnel) and control of this. Why didn't they have this covered? An eye-witness account reports (translated by Google from German to English):

Although many security controls were in place that would monitor compliance with the "Love Rules", but the way to the controls was extremely narrow, began pushing the first and it lasted for only a few metres close to 90 minutes.

On the right side even more dramatic scenes. There was a small emergency stairs, each of which could escape from one person upwards. Here, too, now appeared more and more police officers... In those seeking help were people who had already lost consciousness. It was a bad experience of having to watch the rescue operation with, for now all we feared that we might be the next crushed.

Next to me I suddenly saw a policeman with a young man forced his way to the stairs. "Can't you go or should I pay them?" Actually, the man gave me an even better shape right impression, then I saw his hand he held up convulsively. I had not looked closely, but his fingertips were covered with blood. Maybe he was overthrown in the crowd and accidentally had a lot of shoes shredded his hand.

They also mention that last year's Love Parade closed due to overcrowding. Why, then, hasn't something been done about it? If it is known that the venue is maxed out at 500,000, why are 1.4 million people permitted to attend, even when they expected 800,000?

The founder of the Love Parade, Matthias Roeingh, known as Dr. Motte, blasted the planning for the event, saying "one single entrance through a tunnel lends itself to disaster. I am very sad."

Me too, Dr. Motte. And it sounds like current management isn't too keen to run again after this catastrophe.

Love Parade reported close

(Sources:, SBS World News Australia, @BreakingNews, images here on Flickr,  BBC News)