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Event ConneQion: Stalls

These are the stalls which caught my interests the most at the Event ConneQion on April 3rd:  

  • Brisbane Marketing - Brisbane Council marketing initiative to increase the population of Australia's golden capital city and to connect existing businesses.
  • Brisbane Unique Venues Association - Something I have been trying to organise for the Queensland Museum to be on.
  • Infosalons - Registration company. The girl there was lovely to speak with and was very helpful.
  • The Daiquiri Group - Speaks for itself really. Daiquiris at your next gig!
  • Nomadic Tents - Another "for next semester" supplier. Unfortunately the man at the stall did not have anywhere near the charisma or selling skills other stalls had. They had an impressive set-up though.
  • Wine Design - Merchandise and goodies printed on Australian wines
  • Full Frame - Wins my prize of best business card design for the day. The gentleman there was rather charming too!
  • Sport and Event Photos - Spent ages talking with the man here. A great idea to be printing on-site at events and they sold their wares well.
  • Customs House - Spoke to the woman here regarding my 21st and gained a lot of information from her...
  • Hillstone St Lucia - ... as I did here too. Hillstone St Lucia is an award winning venue with a fabulous reputation for service.
  • Wicked Wolf Events - The Sunshine Coast event company with the most beautiful booth decor I'd ever seen!
  • A List Guide - Just plain awesome. Directory of events industry suppliers and links.
  • BizParade - Still getting into this one. Apparently a new events site. This one should go well.
  • CIM Magazine - I signed up for this one too and I must say the e-mails have been pretty useful!
  • Event Connect / - The essential.

Event ConneQion, April 2nd and 3rd

Last week I had the great fortune of attending the events expo in Brisbane. Was a fantastic experience and I cannot wait for 2009 already! 

First up, it was an outing with my marketing class (very much appreciated, Kerri!) and we had an exam for accounting later that afternoon, so I felt a little limited by time. Turns out though that two hours was more than I needed to get all the information I was looking for.

There were suppliers, services, venues, publications, tourism companies, events companies, motivational and financial speakers, musicians, cooks, mountain climbers, a magician, even an audio visual supplier with a Nintendo Wii set up! All rather exciting, and I must admit I did go with not only professional and academic intentions, but also the hope of chatting to venues about my birthday celebrations later this year. Which I did! Customs House and Hillstone St Lucia were both very lovely to talk with about my requirements and I intend on chasing up with both of them as possibilities.

Over one ticket, two carry bags, twelve business cards and two hours later I was rather excited to get home and sort through the goodies. Even picked up the name of a business stationery company from a photographer. My only regret for the day is that I did not create my own business card before the day, as I was asked for it numerous times.

There were so many suppliers, venues, publications and companies which caught my eye and deserve mention and I shall do so in a second post tomorrow. This entry would seem nothing but link-dropping if I continued! If anything because of this extensive list, I shall be on my way towards starting up a list of resources I can definitely see myself using in the future.