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An Award Nomination

2009 eventprofs blog award nomination badge

I thought I'd take a minute out of my post-BNEtwestival relaxation to announce something I didn't expect. I've been nominated to win the Best New Blog category in Ready2Spark's EventProfs Blog Awards 2009! This means that this very prominant and active event professionals online network says that my blog is kinda awesome. The competition for this claim in my category is a little intimidating though...

This could be tricky! Voting commences by September 14th and closes on the 21st. The winner will be announced by September 28. I'll surely blog with details on the voting in a few days, and also regarding the magic of Brisbane Twestival which was on last night and ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.

Edit: Voting is open. You can only vote once, so make it count; vote for me!