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Blogging on the Bus

Blogging on the Bus


20130404-160719.jpg(Yes, that's an eyesore of a Snapchat screenshot.)

Every work day I spend 70-100 minutes on a total of 4 buses getting to and from the office. That's a lot of time spent on Twitter, staring out the window or otherwise mucking about.

Don't get me wrong, rest and daydreaming is vital for any brain; but I'm beginning to think this time could be used differently.

So I wish to start blogging on the way home from work every now and then. My mornings will be kept free for Russian language podcasts or allowing my sluggish mind to brighten itself up.

Additional benefits (I suspect and look forward to) will hopefully include kicking the butt of my avoidance and perfectionist tendencies, plus everyone gets the draft list I've built up over the past twelve months much quicker.

And I've already finished this post a moment after catching my second bus home.

(feature image credit: bilward, Flickr)