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The Best Event I've Worked On + Setting Boundaries

Q: Hi Nicole, welcome to Askablogr! What's the biggest event you've ever put on? The most satisfying? What kinds of gigs do you say 'no' to? Are you Brisbane-only, or can you take on clients elsewhere?Chris DeVore

A: a) The most satisfying event I've had a major role in organising was for International House College (University of Queensland, Brisbane). The college holds an event known as Soiree (which I cannot find the website of right now!) and it is completely run by the students. My role in 2006 was to organise publicity, where with two other students I put the word out to EVERYONE in Brisbane that Soiree was on.

It was my first experience at sponsorship negotiations (successful at gaining free advertising on Brisbane's CityCat ferries!) leading and motivating large groups of tired flag-clothed and body-painted students early in the winter mornings for promotional activities, communicating with embassies and local media bodies and more! Let's just say I missed out most of the actual event because I was so exhausted.

To this day people still congratulate me on my efforts that year. I mean, I had a bucket of beer thrown over me at a rival college because we'd interrupted the cricket for a few minutes to promote Soiree!

b) I refuse events I feel I am not competent in running, of course, also I'd have to refuse events outside Brisbane. The reason for both of these is that I would not be able to deliver an event anywhere near the quality of one run by someone more local or qualified. The last reason I'd turn down an event is if it was being run for unethical purposes; it would take all the money in the world just to get me to go against my own code of ethics!

I hope this answered your questions. Thanks for the warm welcome to Askablogr!

An Interview

Under advice from marketing genius IttyBiz I've answered a few questions that my readers will be wondering. What’s your game? What do you do? My game is simple; I provide easy, satisfying event management solutions.

Why do you do it? Do you love it, or do you just have one of those creepy knacks? For love of course! I've always loved playing the host; even back in my school days I was constantly organising insane house parties. Learnt a lot since then of course, but the same drive is still here. Combine a desire to serve with the drive to succeed beyond expectation and you have my focus on this business.

Who are your customers? What kind of people would need or want what you offer? I do not organise international spectaculars, or large-scale corporate conference retreats. I specialise in personal events such as your aunt's 40th or a street's garage sale weekend. My clients are people with small budgets and little time for "all the frills." They are Brisbane charities, students, parents, clubs and small businesses with big hearts for who they want to party and work with. This is why they come to me.

What’s your unique selling point? Why should I buy from you instead of the other losers? Practicality and simplicity. I'm not a high-class event company with crazy demands for deposits every four days because there's a seafood shortage. I understand that my clients are not high-rollers with hours of time to spare because I am still a student myself until the end of this year. I am organising events in my lunch hour, as the sun goes down and as I'm about to fall asleep at night. Also, I barter!

What’s next? What’s the big plan? The big plan at this stage is to expand. I have big ideas for this so-far small gig.

That's the story. If you have any questions like these feel free to e-mail me. Or for any other reason too I suppose!