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Scott McKay Remains Missing, Japan

In January I spoke of two guest speakers at the Edgeware Upload Entrepreneur's camp, Ben Johnston and Scott McKay. In late February Scott was reported missing in Japan while on holiday at Niseko Ski Resort. Today I have just learned that authorities have called off the physical search and the McKay family have returned to Australia. Over one hundred volunteers are still looking for Scott and I do not believe the search will be given up so soon.

Even weeks after the fact, I would like to express my heartfelt concern and shock that this is happening. If anyone, anywhere knows anything about Scott's disappearance the night of Friday, February 20th for God's sake let the police know.

I almost feel this blog is moot, but I must say something if it is to have any affect at all.

N.B. April 16th: Japanese newspaper Powderlife has reported that the body of Scott was recovered yesterday near his hotel. He had been missing for two months. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.