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The Rise of #RoCur


@WeAreBrisbane is alive! You all know I'm a huge Twitter fan, so don't be surprised to hear it from me :)

Rotation curation (AKA #rocur) Twitter accounts put the spotlight on a location or topic and rotate the curator/composer of Tweets every set period, most commonly weekly from what I've seen so far.

Managing one team Twitter account with many contributors used to be a highly-delicate process, often relying simply on goodwill or written contracts. Nowadays we have a stack of third-party clients available for Twitter users (including some with scheduling capabilities), so there's little concern over security and more time spent scheduling contributors in order of choice.

In addition to the new Brisbane account (started today by my Brisbane foodie mate @kellyyyllek) there's also @WeAreSydney, @WeMelbourne, @WeAreADL and @WeAreAustralia for Aussies, plus a host of others all around the world on topics such as science (@realscientists), music (@We_Love_Aural) and social issues (@BeCareAware).

That last one in particular is interesting, as it's run by Carers South Australia to increase awareness of the struggles unpaid carers have on a daily basis. Kudos for the on-trend thinking and clever use of Twitter to share experiences!

Facebook is the other clear choice for #rocur, and Instagram could be another candidate... if the API were opened up to allow more clients to schedule posts and add multiple users. Alas, I believe we're still some time off from that happening.

In the meantime, you'll see myself and a number of more notable Brisbane dwellers over at @WeAreBrisbane soon. I'm certainly not complaining!

Would you ever contribute to a #rocur social media account?

Parklife Dates Announced, Internships Due

A few days ago the 2009 dates for the music festival tour Parklife were released by Sydney events company Fuzzy. Hurrah!  So the dates for this winning festival are:

  • Saturday 26th September – Brisbane
  • Sunday 27th September – Perth
  • Saturday 3rd October – Melbourne
  • Sunday 4th October – Sydney
  • Monday 5th October – Adelaide

You can find more info on each on and their retrospective Facebook event pages (of course) here. As far as the acts are concerned; there has been some comment around the place that Canadian electro duo MSTRKRFT and the UK's Lady Sovereign will be touring. I'll report back with an official list when it arises.

Also, if you're a Sydney student looking to get some hours up on your degree, why not apply for a Parklife Internship? There are roles available in event management, PR, marketing, touring, HR and production. I would apply immediately, but I'm neither in Sydney or a student. Shame! You'd best hurry along though; applications are due this coming Monday, 25th of May.

New Year's Crime Crackdown in Victoria

Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has told the working class of Australia to "bogan it up at home" if they intend on causing problems for the city's New Year's Eve plans.

Compared to Sydney's $5 million fireworks show, the $1 million Melbourne show will have two firework displays and various entertainment for the 500,000 expected attendees. Sniffer dogs will accompany 600 uniformed and plain-clothed police officers intent on keeping party-goers safe.

Ambulance Victoria operations manager Paul Holman assures of the 40 paramedics on duty for the event. "We have just one message. Look after yourselves, party hard, party safe, but look after your mates," Mr Holman said.

While Melbourne is enjoying the additional resources, coastal towns in the Mornington Peninsula and Bass Coast shires have had to make do with tightened liquor laws, expanding no-alcohol zones, increased fines for public drinking and police with rights to confiscate booze.

Oh, snap! Party safe, Victoria. I'm sick of seeing those terrible anti-binge drinking TV advertisements up here in Queensland.

And don't forget not to drink and drive; you're bad enough drivers sober.