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Carrie Pranks Cafe Customers with Telekinetic Surprise

Carrie Pranks Cafe Customers with Telekinetic Surprise

What would you do if you witnessed telekinesis in person? A number of people had this experience at 'Snice Coffee Shop in New York City, courtesy of the October US launch of Carrie. Gah!

The YouTube comments raise a few important points, for the most part.

This video brings up a interesting sociological question... Did the people stay and watch because the actors stayed and watched? If more of the actors would [have run] right away, would the person being pranked be more likely to run away as well? Or would curiosity get the better of them?

My initial thought was similar, and I'd love to know if anyone did intervene or attempt to subdue the young woman. What would you have done? Maybe as another top commenter says: "keep calm and Carrie on."

In all a pretty neat attempt at going viral.