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Internet Censorship is Totally Unsexy

After waking up today to blog posts flying backwards and forwards about Internet censorship movements by the federal government, I must venture into political territory. Just check out the Twitter stream! Sources tell us that the Australian government is blacklisting websites for the most mundane content ever. A QLD dentist? Poker? It blows my mind that the leaders of our country believe they can get away with blocking even somewhat boring content under the banner of protecting the vulnerable of the nation. And you can kiss goodbye various GMBill websites. The popular Victorian-run soft-core pornography company already warns parents to protect children on their ACMA-blacklisted adult sites and I'm fairly sure that seems responsible, Mister Prime Minister.


Having also more recent evidence that a seemingly scary sex life isn't so at all, I doubt that anyone could subscribe to the backward idea* that a vanilla sex life is the only moral one to take. It's just not cricket anymore to accept this ideology. Given this, what basis does the government have to block these "not damaged or dangerous" adults from being happy? Not a whole lot. The SMH continues:

In fact, men who take part may be happier, with results showing they score significantly lower on a scale of psychological distress than other men. The researchers did not study why this was, but suspect it might simply be that they're more in harmony with themselves because they're into something unusual and are comfortable with that.

I do not understand that when Australia spends so much money on phyciatric treatment and care for the anxious, stressed and depressed they are up in arms removing our ability to access resources which very often keep married couples together and single people satisfied. And I'm just talking about sexuality.

What can you do? A comment left here sums up a suggestion for more localised action:

Queensland Voters: You have a say coming up to voice your displeasure against Conroy's Censorship regime. Please use your vote wisely. I understand it is a "State Election", but ask yourself, who your local Labor member really represent? Do your Labor MP represent yourself, your interest and your electorate? Or do your local Labor MP just simply represent Labor Party itself? How many Labor MPs have you know to publicly oppose or discuss the actual Pros and Cons of this Censorship? (Joe of Camberwell)

Readers, please pay attention to the world that is happening around you. Your personal and private leisure time online is apparently a threat to the very fabric of society and the government doesn't like that one bit.

*and don't get me started on Pope Benedict XVI!