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It's been a long time!

Hi there, readers! It's been ages since I last wrote here due to a number of reasons of which I shall fill you in on now and then some things you can see from me this year.

Brisbane Twestival Local, September 2009

Oh, Christ! How this was a busy time for me. I wish I'd written about this earlier. But it pretty much went off with a bang and I'm still proud of how everyone worked well on it. My first major event as king pin and I think I did a pretty good job, despite my more natural outlook of criticising my hard work to the dickens.

March 2010 will see Twestival Global again, but due to the many activities I have planned for this year, I won't be on board the committee other than to hand over the reigns.

Regarding BTUB and Brisbane Twitter social events, I am not likely to be organising any events or managing the calendar. 2009 was my year to volunteer and now I'm likely to not have any time for it. It's been swell, tweeps, but I can't do it any more.


In September I applied for a Bachelor of Business (Events) at Griffith University. In December I was accepted and so in March I shall start back at study after a year out of the lecture hall. Nice, nice! Rather excited actually and looking forward to it. My completed Diploma of Events Management means a year is taken off the BBusiness, so I'm only looking at a two-year outfit.


Get this; I have a job! A job! Employment! And it is the best job I've ever had. (They know this already, so I'm not just talking it up here for brownie points) I'm the administration officer for Women in Technology, a winner industry organisation for women in the IT, biotech, engineering... any technology career path, actually. They do some pretty awesome things (for stacks of fantastic members who pay practically nothing for the networking opportunites), and I'm rather looking forward to organising the events and programs for this year. They even let me set up Twitter and facebook for them!

Moving house

After two years in St Lucia, I've now relocated to Stones Corner on Brisbane's south-side. It means at least 50 minutes to work, uni and the boyfriend's place; but at least it's affordable and in a pretty cool area. Many thanks again to the miracle of my Twitter friends who spent one Saturday in December helping me move. That was EPIC and I will never forget the kindness of these people.

Internet Censorship

Here's my political contention of recent months (even a year). The Australian Federal Government wants in your Internet on the premise of doing Australian families' parenting for them. National mandatory Internet censorship (just think about each of those words: National. Mandatory. Censorship.) They plan to block websites which not only host illegal content but also "refused classification" content. This pretty much means content that is legal to view but is stuff that the government (or their stakeholders) don't like. Not only is it a very scary thing for future governments and citizens to adhere to and control, but it's going to be quite expensive, ineffective and... well, do you really want the government stopping your kids from getting useful information on how the world works?

I won't blog all about this today, but for more information you can check out the amazing websites of Somebody Think of the Children, Electronic Frontiers Australia and the Brisbane filter opposition.

The LoveBuckles / Drumming

This is my boyfriend's kicking band. They've had stacks of gigs lately, the most recent for my dear high school friend's 21st in Coffs Harbour, NSW. It went OFF and I feel lucky that I was there to enable it. And go on road trip. And surround the sleeping drummer with a fort of milk crates. What a bunch of lads!

As for my own musical pursuits, I'm very happy to have my drums all out and shiny for practice. For someone who started in primary school, I should really be much better and I can't wait to see improvements. You should come by for a jam one day!

And that's it!

Phew. That's the essentials for a update. As for this website in 2010, it will be updated and mainly used for video blogs and reflections of events/business stuff learned at uni and WiT.

WoW Launch, Jobseeking and More

Just recently I attended the Brisbane CBD launch of the new World of Warcraft extension, Wrath of the Lich King. It was a pretty good event for the first gaming launch I'd experienced, and I've blogged about it for Tech Wired AU which I am collaborating on. Great stuff! In the more academic of my events life at the moment, I am putting together the final paperwork for the COTAH Events Conference Series and graduating in December. Hurrah!

Looking for full-time work for 2009 is proving standard as jobseeking goes, but I'd still love to hear of any openings you may know of. Plenty of great opportunities in Brisbane, I'm afraid I'll actually end up taking on more than I can chew next year! Oh, but that's always a thrilling prospect in itself, no

Let's Re-establish

Since my last post in July, a number of things have changed. I became dedicated solely to the final semester of my event management diploma at Southbank Institute of Technology (who is not associated with this blog in anyway other than educating me), had some medical dramas and things at work changed too. I was right to post about holding off the business of launching Jensen Events until next year, however I have by no means stopped the actual events side of things...
Client: Catherine Macintyre, College of Tourism & Hospitality, Southbank Institute of Technology Venue: Southbank Date: five weeks over October, November. Purpose: To inspire and inform events students. Duties: Sourcing guest speakers, collaboration with client, managing volunteers, equipment, marketing, documentation, programming, master of ceremonies, registration, budgeting, source catering.
My final assessment for my studies is a series of four conferences and a networking morning for events students and industry guests. Today I just completed the third of these conferences and I do know fair well enough that a pair of sore feet means a good effort indeed. The aim of the COTAH Events Conference Series 2008 is to motivate and inspire event management students at Southbank institute to get moving on their careers straight away, rather than shoving their dreams back into the sock drawer. I quickly rocked up a vision of the program and after quite a few juggling and speaker cancellations, the program came out looking like this:
Wednesday, 15th October
  • fellow final semester students on their event projects - a national floristry conference, a charity trivia night, a cooking book launch and a winemakers' and chefs' dinner.
Wednesday, 22nd October
Wednesday, 29th October
Wednesday, 5th November
I mean, this is a fantastic list of Australian events leaders and I am so proud to have them assist the institute in inspiring students to better themselves. I have learned many things not only from the assessment itself but also from these speakers and the students are also thankful. One, at least, has already earned herself a job with one of these businesses from attending!
As for the conference series closer, the networking function, this will be held on Wednesday the 12th of November at Southbank Institute of Technology. Anyone involved in the events, hospitality or tourism industries is welcome to attend, so if you would like to register your interest please write me a line to reserve your spot.
Lastly, there is a "#cotah08" Twitter hashtag for users who wish to keep track of @JensenEvents developments. Feel free to say hi!

Active ABN and Garage Plans

I have an active Australian Business Number. Hurrah!  In addition, I am in the beginning stages of planning a garage sale market for the Brisbane western suburbs. This may or may not include live music, catering, theming, dress ups, competitions, an auction and of course, thrift item sales. If you are interested in assisting in some way or contributing goods for sale, please e-mail me for more details. I am hoping to organise this over the next few months, so that I may hold the event after winter is (God willing!) over in September. So I'm thinking school holidays as well.

I am finishing up all my exams this week, so in place of these I will be hitting the JE books hard from now on. Exciting stuff!