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The Rise of #RoCur


@WeAreBrisbane is alive! You all know I'm a huge Twitter fan, so don't be surprised to hear it from me :)

Rotation curation (AKA #rocur) Twitter accounts put the spotlight on a location or topic and rotate the curator/composer of Tweets every set period, most commonly weekly from what I've seen so far.

Managing one team Twitter account with many contributors used to be a highly-delicate process, often relying simply on goodwill or written contracts. Nowadays we have a stack of third-party clients available for Twitter users (including some with scheduling capabilities), so there's little concern over security and more time spent scheduling contributors in order of choice.

In addition to the new Brisbane account (started today by my Brisbane foodie mate @kellyyyllek) there's also @WeAreSydney, @WeMelbourne, @WeAreADL and @WeAreAustralia for Aussies, plus a host of others all around the world on topics such as science (@realscientists), music (@We_Love_Aural) and social issues (@BeCareAware).

That last one in particular is interesting, as it's run by Carers South Australia to increase awareness of the struggles unpaid carers have on a daily basis. Kudos for the on-trend thinking and clever use of Twitter to share experiences!

Facebook is the other clear choice for #rocur, and Instagram could be another candidate... if the API were opened up to allow more clients to schedule posts and add multiple users. Alas, I believe we're still some time off from that happening.

In the meantime, you'll see myself and a number of more notable Brisbane dwellers over at @WeAreBrisbane soon. I'm certainly not complaining!

Would you ever contribute to a #rocur social media account?

Baby Loves Disco opens in Sydney

National News |

So I'm not really sure what I am to think of this other than "what a rad idea! But it would never work in reality." I guess there are just some out-there ideas you'll never know will take off until you dive in.

This isn't children growing up too fast; at least not as much as adult-captioned t-shirts or heels for toddlers. Children have parties and dance too, you know. The temporary tattoos are fine too; I remember having one of my first when I was five or six. And I'm still into roses, but I've not a real tattoo or joined a biker gang.

Entry prices include healthy snacks for children, a "chill-out" play area, bathrooms kitted out with nappy change tables and a goodie bag and glass of champagne for parents.

Sounds safe and healthy to me and I hope that chill-out area has Pass The Parcel or a ball pit. Or even a corner of teddy bears! And the champagne for the parents is a great addition; if I were the mother of unpredictable young children, I'd take every chance I could for a glass of champagne while knowing my kids were safe.

While I'm positive a children's event would be the second-last* event I'd like to hold, I don't think this club is the worst thing adult society has thrown at children in recent times. If anything, I'm sure the kids are having a blast.

*weddings just aren't my thing.

Parklife Dates Announced, Internships Due

A few days ago the 2009 dates for the music festival tour Parklife were released by Sydney events company Fuzzy. Hurrah!  So the dates for this winning festival are:

  • Saturday 26th September – Brisbane
  • Sunday 27th September – Perth
  • Saturday 3rd October – Melbourne
  • Sunday 4th October – Sydney
  • Monday 5th October – Adelaide

You can find more info on each on and their retrospective Facebook event pages (of course) here. As far as the acts are concerned; there has been some comment around the place that Canadian electro duo MSTRKRFT and the UK's Lady Sovereign will be touring. I'll report back with an official list when it arises.

Also, if you're a Sydney student looking to get some hours up on your degree, why not apply for a Parklife Internship? There are roles available in event management, PR, marketing, touring, HR and production. I would apply immediately, but I'm neither in Sydney or a student. Shame! You'd best hurry along though; applications are due this coming Monday, 25th of May.

Win tickets to the Sydney Festival 2009!

Lost At E Minor, a spiffy site I have only just come across today for the creative soul is flogging off free double ticket passes to featured shows at the Sydney Festival. Got nothing better to do January 10th to the 31st? I suggest you head on over for some fantastic entertainment from 

  • Matthew Herbert Big Band @ The Sydney Opera House
  • Camille @ City Recital Hall Angel Place, or
  • The Cinematic Orchestra @ City Recital Hall Angel Place
  • All Tomorrow’s Parties @ Cockatoo Island

That last one is the main event you're looking at scoring free tickets to:

"As well as performances by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds*, the festival includes seminal international artists such as British transcendentalists Spiritualized and US avant-bluesman James “Blood” Ulmer, alongside celebrated Australian bands The Saints (featuring original members Ed Kuepper, Chris Bailey, Ivor Hay and Archie Larizza), Laughing Clowns and The Necks. Others joining this extraordinary family include F*** Buttons (UK), Michael Gira (US), Bridezilla (AUS), former Go-Between Robert Forster, Silver Apples (US) and Harmonia (GER).

"Also featured on the bill are Australian 1980s rock darlings The Reels, US psych-rockers Dead Meadow and the avant-rock freak out Japanese two-piece Afrirampo, alongside former Birthday Party guitarist Rowland S Howard, Melbourne bands, The Stabs and Beaches, Sydney outfits Hunter Dienna and Passenger of S**t, Bad Seed Conway Savage and Greek legend Psarandonis, as well as ATP DJs and the exotic Sounds of Seduction to round off the festivities." (Sydney Festival 2009 website)

The event will be held on Cockatoo Island with plenty of space for you to chill out, taste some tapas, drink some cool at the wine and cocktail bars, and feast your ears on the kick-arse performances above. Yummy!

*Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds is curating the All Tomorrow's Parties. If you haven't heard of this rad band, don't admit this in the comments. Others will be forced to dub you un-Australian.