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An Award Nomination

2009 eventprofs blog award nomination badge

I thought I'd take a minute out of my post-BNEtwestival relaxation to announce something I didn't expect. I've been nominated to win the Best New Blog category in Ready2Spark's EventProfs Blog Awards 2009! This means that this very prominant and active event professionals online network says that my blog is kinda awesome. The competition for this claim in my category is a little intimidating though...

This could be tricky! Voting commences by September 14th and closes on the 21st. The winner will be announced by September 28. I'll surely blog with details on the voting in a few days, and also regarding the magic of Brisbane Twestival which was on last night and ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.

Edit: Voting is open. You can only vote once, so make it count; vote for me!

Brisbane Twestival

twestival-logo2A few of you will recall an event I co-managed in February called Twestival at Brisbane's Metro Arts. Well, it's on again and I've been handed the reins! Saturday, September 12th is Twestival Local. It's the same deal, but we choose our own charity to support instead of a global charity being chosen for all events around the world. I quite like this idea as it creates a close-knit sense of responsibility for Brisbane and Queensland. The links on the Brisbane branch which I give are:

We are seeking one lucky charity, a kick-arse venue, charming sponsors, wicked bands, entertainment, artists, stalls, web masters, event gurus, stage managers, admin and general awesomeness for this event. Please e-mail me at if you would like to give a hand or offer up some contacts for us.

Lastly, I came across this useful article on how to secure a sponsor for an event. It's pretty cool.

Twitter Job Hunt

This afternoon, the lovely people on my Twitter list decided to help me in my search for employment!

Just a sample of the retweets.

Huge thanks to Clare Lancaster for starting this chain of tweets and to all who did RT. You're all fantastic. Including those who have brainstormed with me and linked to never-ending Twitter job searching sites. There will be some creative methods to "find this woman a job" coming about soon!

In other news, Twestival is on all over the world on Thursday. Have you bought your ticket yet? Come and join us at the Brisbane Twestival for fun, games, great entertainment and good times; all raising much-needed funds for those thirsty in the world.  I'm so excited!

Twestival Sponsorship Call-out

I'm reaching out. Along with Nicole Jensen, I'm organising Brisbane Twestival. Twestival is a global festival event taking place on 12 February that seeks to raise money for the 1 in 6 people worldwide who do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. 1 in 6! That's 1.1 billion people without clean drinking water, something we take for granted.

To help them out, the Twitter community ( are holding this event to raise both awareness and money to donate to Charity:Water ( This charity works very hard to get sustainable solutions to those communities without water but they can't do it entirely on their own. Brisbane is just one of over 100 cities worldwide holding a Twestival!

But we can't do this without your help, so here's where you come in.

What we're looking for right now are sponsors. We have a couple on board already who are providing a venue (to be announced shortly!) and contributing towards some of the costs of holding such a big event.

The event itself will not be a sombre event - it's a festival! There'll be local bands, work on display from local artists, stalls to buy stuff, a bar, and games and competitions. We're conservatively anticipating a bare minimum of 100 attendees, though some estimates suggest the night will bear witness to as many as 300.

What we need are sponsors. Sponsors to provide prizes for the competitions and games, to donate to charity or to contribute in some other way they think would help us to make this a successful festival event.

In return, you'll get exposure and generate an incredibly large amount of goodwill. We'll be promoting you everywhere online from Facebook to Twitter to the official Brisbane Twestival site. You'll be mentioned on all of our promotional material. You'll be displayed on projectors and posters and mentioned repeatedly on the night. And, of course, you'll be recognised for some time for giving back to the global community.

If you think you or your business can contribute, please contact myself or Nicole Jensen and we'll help you to help us and the 1 in 6 people worldwide who need it.

Also, if you'd like to know a bit more, check out the links below.

Global Twestival website:

Charity:water website:

Brisbane Twestival website:

Brisbane Twestival Facebook event:

Brisbane Twestival twitter account:

via Facebook | Greg Williams's Notes.

Brisbane Twestival 2009


I'm working with a team of Brisbane Twitter users to bring you our branch of Twestival, the international Twitter Festival raising funds for Charity:Water.

The event is set for February 12th, a day after Pecha Kucha, a day prior to Friday 13th and two days prior to Valentine's Day. We are currently working on confirming the venue and also scoring some winner entertainment. If you're an entertainer, artist or other individual-of-groove, let me know and we might just have a place for you on the night.

My main role on the committee is to seek sponsorship of the event, whether it be funds, services or products. If you are a proud Twitter user,  I would be so humble as to ask for donations to the cause. Please note that Twitter members organising the event are all volunteers; we're not pocketing any of the cash as 100% of funds from Twestival will go to Charity:Water.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Brisbane Twestival 2009 site!