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Vlog: 10thousandgirl Workshop, Brisbane

Over the weekend I attended 10thousandgirl's new life and financial planning workshop for young women. It kicked arse, so I vlogged about it. The second video contains more lifestyle tips and info I learned from the event, while the first video is an outline of the event itself. Forgive me, I did forget a lot between Saturday and now! My HUGE thanks go out to the 10thousandgirl team (specifically Tara Grimshaw, Anneli Knight, & Zoe Lamont), Jo Baker, ING Direct, Napoleon Perdis Make-Up Academy and Opportunity International Australia. I owe OIA a massive apology as I completely forgot to mention their presence at the workshop entirely.



Cool things to check out:

Flirting with Finance, by Anneli Knight &  Virginia Graham

I'm off to BTUB now. Catch you all another day!