Essentially, I want to communicate how I operate best as a freelancer, and strengthen the relationship I have with my clients.

It's about communication

Setting boundaries and controlling expectations are essential to any business, especially that of a sole trader. While it might not be attractive or positive to talk about these before a prospect has even contacted me, I find that the consultation process is much more simple and rewarding when the nitty-gritty is out of the way.

This view might seem simplistic, but once someone has decided to hire me, removing as many operational factors as possible is important. The kind of people I love working with want to focus on the quality of work I produce. If I'm getting results and my clients are happy, why can't I work the way I do best? 

It's about valueS - mine and others'

I don't want my profession to be devalued and seen as inferior to other business consultants.

Digital marketing consultants have enough "so you sit on Facebook?" comments to last until retirement without having to explain that anyone claiming to do a full, custom social media strategy within a day is pulling your leg. If we are going to produce high-quality, innovative work, we cannot treat ourselves as glorified office temps.

It's also practical to be honest about the ways I work best, both for my clients and myself, because I value time. If a non-negotiable term doesn't sit right with a prospect, I've saved us a stack of time and emails finding out that the partnership cannot work. Every freelancer is different, and if I can make decisions easier even before clients contact me, I can sooner help them with their dream projects. 

"Sir, we're not the taco stand..."

Credit goes to Bek Lambert on Twitter for finding this video.

You can find my terms and other information about how I work here.