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Hiatus until 2009

Woah, long time no blog.  During the holiday period, I ended up developing my event skills with the catering company I work for. This paid the rent and very much increased my passion for the industry and my job. Plus I was busy organising my birthday bash held just last weekend. It was fantastic; my best birthday ever. The catering was perfect, the venue superb, the staff wonderful and the guests enjoyed themselves. It all just ended too soon and I wish there were more photos taken.

The garage sale has not happened yet either but it is still in my mind of course. I've been strung out with work and now I am three weeks into my final semester in my event studies with major assessment roaring towards me! Lots to do for the next two months at least.

This is why I am putting Jensen Events on hold for a while. It might even cease to exist as I will never be able to run this up to the standard I desire without the skills of another person or two on board. This is not yet a call for a partner or team, but one day down the track there is the possibility when I am ready to kick start JE as an actual business, rather than the start-up or "initiative" that I call it.


Active ABN and Garage Plans

I have an active Australian Business Number. Hurrah!  In addition, I am in the beginning stages of planning a garage sale market for the Brisbane western suburbs. This may or may not include live music, catering, theming, dress ups, competitions, an auction and of course, thrift item sales. If you are interested in assisting in some way or contributing goods for sale, please e-mail me for more details. I am hoping to organise this over the next few months, so that I may hold the event after winter is (God willing!) over in September. So I'm thinking school holidays as well.

I am finishing up all my exams this week, so in place of these I will be hitting the JE books hard from now on. Exciting stuff!


An Interview

Under advice from marketing genius IttyBiz I've answered a few questions that my readers will be wondering. What’s your game? What do you do? My game is simple; I provide easy, satisfying event management solutions.

Why do you do it? Do you love it, or do you just have one of those creepy knacks? For love of course! I've always loved playing the host; even back in my school days I was constantly organising insane house parties. Learnt a lot since then of course, but the same drive is still here. Combine a desire to serve with the drive to succeed beyond expectation and you have my focus on this business.

Who are your customers? What kind of people would need or want what you offer? I do not organise international spectaculars, or large-scale corporate conference retreats. I specialise in personal events such as your aunt's 40th or a street's garage sale weekend. My clients are people with small budgets and little time for "all the frills." They are Brisbane charities, students, parents, clubs and small businesses with big hearts for who they want to party and work with. This is why they come to me.

What’s your unique selling point? Why should I buy from you instead of the other losers? Practicality and simplicity. I'm not a high-class event company with crazy demands for deposits every four days because there's a seafood shortage. I understand that my clients are not high-rollers with hours of time to spare because I am still a student myself until the end of this year. I am organising events in my lunch hour, as the sun goes down and as I'm about to fall asleep at night. Also, I barter!

What’s next? What’s the big plan? The big plan at this stage is to expand. I have big ideas for this so-far small gig.

That's the story. If you have any questions like these feel free to e-mail me. Or for any other reason too I suppose!

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