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Edgeware's Upload Young Entrepreneurs Camp

Right now I am at the Glasshouse Mountains Eco-lodge stretched out on a cosy attic bed reading Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need by Daniel H. Pink and reflecting over the past day at Edgeware's Upload Young Entrepreneurs Camp. Upload 2009 is the maiden voyage of the camp for gutsy, high school to mid-twenty-aged, business-minded souls seeking the path before them. I am one of those people looking to surpass wasting my life away working unnecessarily for a business I have no attachment to in a job I feel nothing for.

Today started at 9am with general introductions and we soon moved on to receiving goodie bags and copies of the above manga book.

The goodie bags contained:

  • the week's schedule
  • notebook and pen
  • party popper for that epiphany moment
  • map of Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth for that moment of despair
  • specimin jar to contain items believed to personally represent the "edgie" on day one and then to be reflected on Friday
  • inspirational quotes
  • various bits of pieces to inspire that crafty side (a fork, wrapping paper lantern. Or box. At least I think that is what it is)
  • and lastly, a copy of Edgeware's Small Business Backpack by Ian Dover FAICD

So today we focused on value proposition, success, cash flow, risk management and more. Michael Doneman of Edgeware facilitated the most of the day with guest speaker Scott McKay visiting for the afternoon. It was a great day and more is planned in the form of a games night - theatre sports! Sounds good to me :)

The Eco-lodge is a beautiful venue, I do not think the Edgeware team could have chosen a more suitable environment to inspire young minds. It should be noted also that through Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE, participants (about 15 of us) are gaining the following qualifications (one or two I believe I actually might already have as part of my Southbank Institute of Technology diploma in events management):

  • (THCICS04A) Originate and develop a concept
  • (THHGCS08B) Establish and conduct business relationships
  • (THHGCS07B) Coordinate marketing activities
  • (THHGLE19B) Develop and implement a business plan
  • (THHGLE03B) Develop and implement operational plans

If anything today I have spent time getting back in touch with my goals for the next five years. We will be each leaving on Friday with both a one-page business plan and a number of artistic representations of that plan. Sounds fun? Sure will be!

Brisbane No Clean Feed Rally

On Saturday I trekked over to Brisbane Square for the No Clean Feed protest. Extremely hot as usual for Queensland, I'm fairly sure that many were distracted by their quests for shade, but this wasn't too much of a feat thanks to the many signs and banners brought by attendees.


  • No rain! Yay! I was petrified it was going to bucket down. Phew.
  • Plenty of amusing signage and very relevant speakers.
  • Enthusiastic crowd of about 250. I'm sure the number estimates vary but thank God for the enthusiasm! Nothing worse than guests who don't want to be there.
  • Pamphlets given out were informative and helpful for those passing by.
  • Lots of online coverage (see below).
  • Lolitas. A key Internet subculture was represented and everybody loves a girl in black lace with a gorgeous parasol! 
  • Location was the best possible one for the time and nature of the event. Maybe the event could have been taken halfway down Queen Street Mall outside Hungry Jacks, Boost Juice and the busy newsagency stand around lunchtime. This would have attracted a lot of lunch-goers between the Myer centre and the train station, gamers at EB Games, plus travellers at bus stops along Adelaide Street. However, moving the hundreds of people at the protest might have lost a few and I am not even sure if protest legislation would have allowed for the move. (Surely it would have. Might look that one up!)


  • Guest speakers could not be heard by majority of crowd. Megaphones should have been tested at least an hour before attendees arrived. Many left after nothing could be heard.
  • A rock cover band was playing for around an hour at the top of Queen Street over the road. This meant also that little could be heard and that some people left to see what was going on elsewhere. This could have been avoided if it was possible to know if Queen Street was having any entertainment during the morning, but I am not sure this was.
  • Reports of misspellings on pamphlets. ARGH, so unprofessional. A good ol' proofread never hurt anyone!
  • Multiple unrelated lefty groups showed up and pitched tables at the protest, pushing away those who might have come but chose not to in fear of having a tree-hugger or Amnesty nerd pushing their agenda. I think it would have been only fair to ask gatecrasher groups to go elsewhere. There's enough Brisbane for all its activists!
  • Not a lot of coverage in traditional media outside two or three quick news stories and one or two small newspaper articles. Or maybe this is good, I'm not sure what organisers were expecting.

Just a note on the geek in-jokes on t-shirts and signage. They were funny of course to most people there, but there is no point to this if it isolates your target audience. I'd say a lot of people walking by (the very people the protest was aimed at getting onside) were quite confused about what was going on and hence walked as quickly as possible past the geekery as if it was a disease. The news only reports after the fact; no one else will drag the event through the crowds quite like positive marketing of course. 

For other viewpoints and coverage of the protest, David Jackmanson has done a great job of collating them, included is Ashley Kyd's post which I quite like.

WoW Launch, Jobseeking and More

Just recently I attended the Brisbane CBD launch of the new World of Warcraft extension, Wrath of the Lich King. It was a pretty good event for the first gaming launch I'd experienced, and I've blogged about it for Tech Wired AU which I am collaborating on. Great stuff! In the more academic of my events life at the moment, I am putting together the final paperwork for the COTAH Events Conference Series and graduating in December. Hurrah!

Looking for full-time work for 2009 is proving standard as jobseeking goes, but I'd still love to hear of any openings you may know of. Plenty of great opportunities in Brisbane, I'm afraid I'll actually end up taking on more than I can chew next year! Oh, but that's always a thrilling prospect in itself, no

Naked Lady Party - Charity Fashion Swap

Client: Tiara Shafiq and for Working Wonders Venue: International House College, St Lucia, Queensland Date: April 12th from 2pm until 5pm Purpose: To raise funds for the Royal Children's Hospital Duties: Online and printed advertising, organise catering, running sheet, customer feedback. 

This was a tricky one, but the whole affair went well. We kept expenditure to an absolute minimum, seeking sponsorship from all avenues possible; venue, catering, stalls, goods, online advertising and more. The only money we spent was on printing, Internet and telephone calls in organisation and marketing.

Our half-literal naked lady, a local burlesque dancer, fell ill in the morning and so we were desperate to find a replacement. None were available, so we had to make do with the data projector showing footage of burlesque and NIA fitness routines instead.

The main attraction then became the auction of strange and wonderful goods people donated. Gorgeous pieces: a collection of exotic tea varieties, classy shoes, mystery knitting yarn and even a signed poster donated by Lola the Vamp [not our burlesque girl] with burlesque costume set. The auction did go well, if not slowed down pretty quickly, and we did raise sufficient funds for the RCH from this.

Looking back, I believe we could have done a better job on the marketing side of things; even one customer said this on her feedback form. There was some confusion as to what the actual event was and what it was for, these two factors I believe having some great impact on the number of attendees.

Link love to:




Event ConneQion: Stalls

These are the stalls which caught my interests the most at the Event ConneQion on April 3rd:  

  • Brisbane Marketing - Brisbane Council marketing initiative to increase the population of Australia's golden capital city and to connect existing businesses.
  • Brisbane Unique Venues Association - Something I have been trying to organise for the Queensland Museum to be on.
  • Infosalons - Registration company. The girl there was lovely to speak with and was very helpful.
  • The Daiquiri Group - Speaks for itself really. Daiquiris at your next gig!
  • Nomadic Tents - Another "for next semester" supplier. Unfortunately the man at the stall did not have anywhere near the charisma or selling skills other stalls had. They had an impressive set-up though.
  • Wine Design - Merchandise and goodies printed on Australian wines
  • Full Frame - Wins my prize of best business card design for the day. The gentleman there was rather charming too!
  • Sport and Event Photos - Spent ages talking with the man here. A great idea to be printing on-site at events and they sold their wares well.
  • Customs House - Spoke to the woman here regarding my 21st and gained a lot of information from her...
  • Hillstone St Lucia - ... as I did here too. Hillstone St Lucia is an award winning venue with a fabulous reputation for service.
  • Wicked Wolf Events - The Sunshine Coast event company with the most beautiful booth decor I'd ever seen!
  • A List Guide - Just plain awesome. Directory of events industry suppliers and links.
  • BizParade - Still getting into this one. Apparently a new events site. This one should go well.
  • CIM Magazine - I signed up for this one too and I must say the e-mails have been pretty useful!
  • Event Connect / - The essential.