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Liveblogging Etiquette

Just a quick one:

  • I suggest sitting to the back of the room if you are using a notebook computer. This means others will not be distracted by what's happening on your screen.
  • Like everyone else, make sure your laptop bag or case is not blocking any pathways. Feel free to use the seat next to you to spread out, but pay attention if it looks like someone needs that seat.
  • Type quietly and only when necessary. Others may not be able to hear the presenters if they are sitting nearby you.
  • If you cannot say something nice, don't say it at all. No one on the Internet really cares if the presenter needs to stop for a glass of water, puts up the wrong slideshow or trips over a cord. You're covering content, not the tiny incidentals of a presentation.
  • Regarding the event itself, offter only constructive criticism, and take preference to in-person, rather than blogged if it can be helped. Feedback should always be welcomed by organisers and so if the food is cold, let them know now, rather than tomorrow on your website.
  • No solitaire or WoW! If you don't want to listen to the presenter then get out of the theatre and go home. Seriously.

Do you have any pointers for event bloggers?

Brisbane Girl Geek Guitar Hero

Ahoy! The fifth Brisbane Girl Geek Dinner is upon us!

definitely does compute!

Hosted at the fabulous Microsoft Office there will be a games and consoles to ravage while you simultaneously catch up with the coolest females in IT around! I mean, you don't expect us to lounge around with martinis all the time, now do you?

Tracy Whitelaw, Chief Knowledge Engineer at artificial intelligence company MyCyberTwin will speak about women in games and the gaming industry. Her profile is on the event page I linked to above if you'd like a snapshot. I'm definitely keen to hear about the world of online worlds, character development and pop culture.

So if "you are a geek and a girl or know of one who is willing to escort you then you are welcome and encouraged to come along." Don't be too afraid to join in if you're a gentleman, just tell me or the organisers that you'd like to come along. I'm expecting a comment or two on this post joking we'll require someone to set up the Xbox 360 anyway!

Last thing, as I type, the event website states that food is BYO, however the latest news is that food will be provided. Make sure you inform the organisers if you have any particular dietry requirements for smiles all 'round.

Microsoft Office Brisbane 1 Waterfront Place Level 9 Brisbane, Queensland 4000 Australia

Stay Lawful Online, Social Media Club Brisbane

SMCB March was an interesting panel discussion yesterday afternoon about legal issues related to the social media world. The panel for the evening was:

  • Peter Black, Lecturer, QUT Law School
  • Prof Brian Fitzgerald, Professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation, QUT Law School
  • John Swinson, Partner, Mallesons

Discussions covered #fakePeterBlackQUT the Freeview parody saga, peer-to-peer file sharing, defamation, domains and beyond. Lock 'n' Load's Jazz Night was pumping from the floors below us which gave a classy atmosphere, along with the lighting of the room. I quite like Lock 'n' Load... delicious jazz!

SMBC March was proudly supported by QUT Faculty of Law and Lock 'n' Load Bistro. The next SMCB is currently being organised for Wednesday, May 13th, so stay tuned for updates.

Australia Twitter Gala Ball

Last Friday afternoon I had the ambitious idea of hosting the first annual Twitter Australia gala ball in Brisbane. Now, on that afternoon @auball was created and word rapidly spread that it should happen in the latter part of 2009. So tonight we are having a meeting to brainstorm and expand on this idea, clarify the job to be done and determine who we need for this event to go ahead.

If you would like to learn more about how you can assist in even the smallest of ways in 2009 for this national event, come along to Pancake Manor on Charlotte Street at 6:30 pm tonight. That's in two hours...

Twitter Job Hunt

This afternoon, the lovely people on my Twitter list decided to help me in my search for employment!

Just a sample of the retweets.

Huge thanks to Clare Lancaster for starting this chain of tweets and to all who did RT. You're all fantastic. Including those who have brainstormed with me and linked to never-ending Twitter job searching sites. There will be some creative methods to "find this woman a job" coming about soon!

In other news, Twestival is on all over the world on Thursday. Have you bought your ticket yet? Come and join us at the Brisbane Twestival for fun, games, great entertainment and good times; all raising much-needed funds for those thirsty in the world.  I'm so excited!